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Charlie Sheen’s Autograph and Signing Event

Words can't express how interesting it was to get Charlie Sheen to do a signing for In Demand Autographs. Whether you like him or not, he is a very interesting person. He was very kind and easy to work with. It was a highly entertaining signing for certain. Not only did Charlie sign many different items for us, he also told us some fascinating stories about some of the shows and movies he has done over the years. Charlie Sheen's autograph is a unique item to have with any collection.

Wild Thing!

We traveled out to Hollywood, California and did the signing at his house. His house is beautiful for certain! Glamorous Hollywood stars living all throughout his neighborhood was just one of the many fascinating discoveries during this ultimate celebrity signing. We were absolutely impressed by the professionalism Charlie Sheen adhered to during this signing. Charlie signed some jerseys from his box office smash Major League, obviously we had the jerseys inscribed "Wild Thing." He also signed some helmets from the powerful movie "Platoon." All and all it was an absolute pleasure to do this signing. Charlie Sheen was great to work with and we are looking forward to doing more signings with him and also his brother Emilio Estevez.


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